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Our Dissemination Attorneys

Ian N. Friedman, Esq.

Mr. Friedman has a deep and successful record in municipal, state and federal cases, as well as his strong reputation as a fierce criminal defender. He is recognized as a SuperLawyer and ranked as a Top 100 Trial Attorney.

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Ronald L. Frey, Esq.

A senior member of the Ian N. Friedman & Associates, L.L.C. team, Mr. Frey is a skilled litigator across varying areas of criminal defense.

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Kristina W. Supler, Esq.

An extremely skilled practitioner, Ms. Supler has served as both primary and co-counsel during trials in state, federal and appellate courts throughout the United States.

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Eric C. Nemecek, Esq.

Mr. Nemecek is responsible for authoring pertinent administrative, trial, and appellate arguments warranted by criminal allegations lodged against our clients.

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Gregory A. Gentile, Esq.

Mr. Gentile's experience in court, as well as his energy and dedication have proved invaluable. Often cases result in civil litigation, with the client being sued as a result of the criminal act.

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We've advised hundreds of clients in regards to Disseminating Harmful Matter

Child pornography, obscene material, dissemination, on-line solicitation, or sexual registration violations, no matter what the charges you're facing, rest assured that our firm has handled these types of cases before. We have deep experience in the defense of Computer-based Sex Crimes, and have defended clients around the world in all levels of court. Most importantly, it is crucial for you know that with cases of this nature in particular, time is of the essence, and you should contact a lawyer right away.

A Law firm focused on the representation of Disseminating Harmful Matter

Years ago, members of this law firm observed a rapidly growing trend toward the prosecution of computer-based criminal offenses. In particular, we witnessed an exponential increase in allegations of computer sex offenses which needed legal representation. Study of this trend and the methodology of prosecutions throughout the United States made it evident that the lawyers would need to place great focus on the defense of these cases if they were to be effective. Computer sex offenses are unlike traditional crimes that most criminal defense lawyers are accustomed to handling. These cases present very complex and unique issues that demand a lawyer skilled in the particular discipline. In line with our overall goal to afford all of our clients the best available defense strategy, a segment of the law firm was designed specifically to handle computer sex offenses.

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Disseminating Harmful Matter

Like all sex offenses, an individual charged with Disseminating Harmful Material to Juveniles faces stiff penalties and the possibility of public sex offender registration. Therefore, it is imperative that you have an aggressive, innovative legal defense fighting for you.

Determination of whether this crime has been committed depends to a degree on somewhat subjective definitions and conditions. For instance, a person may be convicted of Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles after providing matter which is considered to be "obscene" or "harmful to juveniles"-- terminology with meanings that certainly vary from person to person. This subjective element is dangerous in that an individual's fate can be sealed by relatively arbitrary interpretations. In recognition of this danger, Ian N. Friedman & Associates, L.L.C. places extraordinary emphasis on pre-trial motion work which can uncover numerous challenges to the Constitutionality of the charges.

The depth and experience our firm has in computer and Internet sex crimes allows us to bring powerful resources to bear on all aspects of each case. Thanks to our tireless dedication, deep knowledge of relevant technology, and case ingenuity, the clients defended by Ian N. Friedman & Associates, L.L.C. know that our counsel has maximized their chances of being exonerated.

Our approach to handling Disseminating Harmful Matter

Because computer and Internet sex crime cases are complex and require ample research and attention, Ian N. Friedman & Associates, L.L.C. does not handle a high volume of cases. As such, we are able to create the most comprehensive and effective defenses for our clients.

To assist us, we are able to draw from our large network of professional resources including attorneys with specialized areas of focus, private investigators, computer forensic experts, psychiatrists, mitigation specialists, and trial consultants.

Our firm will usually mount a two-step defense. First the lawyers and staff will meet to develop and implement a strategy deemed most appropriate for the case. We believe that the only way to effectively defend a case against the government is to be extraordinarily prepared, leaving no aspect of any case to chance. Great attention is afforded to investigation, motion practice and trial presentation, and all preliminary safeguards are exercised so that our clients' rights are protected throughout the pendency of their investigation or case.

The second step, when appropriate, involves helping clients understand how they may come into this type of situation. We can recommend and arrange professional evaluation, including confidential medical and/or psychiatric assistance. This serves two purposes. First, any person charged with a computer-based offense will need emotional support throughout the ordeal. Second, if a resolution were ever reached that required the client to appear in court, evidence of acknowledgment and treatment may be highly beneficial for mitigation purposes.

If you choose our firm to represent you, you will remain in constant contact with different members of the firm depending on the specific topic or issue that needs to be addressed. You will be kept apprised of the status of your case and you'll be encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise at any time.

Types of Computer Sex Crime Offenses Handled by this Firm

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